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Cours 1 - Leadership & Compétences de vie
Art Oratoire

   The LEADERSHIP AND LIFE-SKILLS course is designed to increase participants’ knowledge and ability to apply the skills necessary for everyday living. Life-Skills emphasize personal values, human relation skills, thinking & decision-making skills, planning & goal setting, problem solving, basic leadership skills and competency.

   The course is beneficial for:

  • Secondary and tertiary level students. 

  • A range of professionals. 

  • Personal development enthusiast.



  1. Intro to life-skills

  2. Basic leadership skills

  3. Human relations & basic communications

  4. Building confidence

  5. Seven basic work ethics

  6. Time management

  7. Teamwork

  8. Developing a spirit of excellence


   Duration :

   The total duration of the COURSE  is 30 hours.

   Course program:

  • Daily lectures over a period of one week. 

  • Saturday courses for 9 weeks - Human Relations & Basic communications will spread over 2 Saturdays. 

  • All courses are arranged in 45 minutes’ lectures with two 15 minutes’ break. The last segment is for group discussion and hidden gems (what they have retained and learnt).


    Methodology :

  the COURSE  is educational and contains illustrative, interactive and practical applications.

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