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Cours 6-Marketing des Medias Sociaux

   The INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING course has been designed to provide students and professionals with a full understanding of how to plan, manage and execute a successful social media strategy using various online platforms.    Participants will gain fundamental knowledge of social media marketing as well a specific skill sets to create, manage, track and monitor social media marketing campaigns using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

   The course is beneficial for:

   This course is designed for anyone interested in understanding and developing insights to use social media for marketing and communication. However, people engaged in start-ups, budding entrepreneurs, small-scale business owners, NGOs, Government organizations interested in using social media for the growth of their business or any social cause at local, national or global level, would benefit from this Course.


  1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing and Strategy

  2. Marketing on Facebook: Designing and Managing Facebook Advertising Campaigns

  3. Advertising on Twitter: Designing, managing and monitoring Twitter campaigns

  4. Advertise on LinkedIn: Setup, Managing and Monitoring Campaigns

  5. YouTube Marketing: Designing and Managing YouTube Channel and advertising Campaigns.



   The total duration of the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING course is 5 weeks.

   Schedule lecture:

   Once a week.

   Outcomes of this course:   

   After completion of this course participants are expected to be able to:

  • Develop social media marketing strategy for achieving organization goals. 

  • Set up, design and monitor the Facebook Pages and Facebook advertising campaigns.

  • Create, manage and monitor Twitter marketing campaigns.

  • Design, monitor and analyze LinkedIn advertising campaigns.

  • Design and manage YouTube video advertisements campaigns and YouTube channel.



  Assignment submission at the end of course to be eligible for certificate of completion.

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