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Leadership & Life-Skills course
Cours 2- fondations de leadership

    The LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS short course is designed to improve the leadership skills of anyone. It will help you explore and develop your own authentic leadership strengths as you understand core leadership themes, including power and influence, followership, motivation, authenticity and adaptability.

    The lesson focuses on three-key areas: Self-leadership, leadership as a relationship with the team/followers, and developing personal skills to lead with influence in any settings.

    The course is beneficial for a range of students and professionals whether currently in a leadership role or an  aspiring leader.

    The course content will be presented as follows: 

​                       Course themes:

  • Understanding Leadership Styles

  • 7 Types of Followers

  • 7 Deadly Sins of Leadership

  • 7 Ps of Achieving Your Goals

  • Hidden Gems



    The total duration of the COURSE is 7 hours.

    Schedule of lecture:

    LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS is a short course which can be arranged as a day or two days course. The last segment is for group discussion and to discover the hidden gems (what participants have retained and learnt).


    The LEADERSHIP FOUNDATIONS short course is educational and contains illustrative, interactive and  practical applications. The course is conducted in English.

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