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Cours 3 - ABC du leadership
Leadership & Life-skills course île Maurice

    The course will focus and develop LEADERSHIP SKILLS that outline principles for inspiring, motivating and influencing others. Principles that can create self-awareness, self- discipline, self-confidence, developing your potential, achieving your vision and enhancing values and ethics. The course is designed to develop and improve the leadership skills of anyone. You will learn relational skills; communicating and connecting with others.

    The course is beneficial for a range of professionals whether currently in a leadership role or an aspiring leader.

  The course content will be presented as follows:  

​             Course themes

  • The ABC of Leadership

  • Quality of a Leader

  • Leadership Vision

  • Leaders Connect and Communicate Effectively

  • The Confident Leader



   The total duration of the COURSE  is 18 hours and can be conducted once a week for 5 weeks.

  Schedule of lecture:

   Daily lectures are 3 hours that are arranged in 45 minutes lectures with two 15 minutes break. The last segment is for group discussion and to discover the hidden gems (what participants have retained and learnt).

  Methodology :

   the COURSE  is educational and contains illustrative, interactive and practical applications. The course is held in English.

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