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Leadership & Life-skills courses île Maurice
Cours 5 - gestion de la colère & du stress

    The ANGER AND STRESS MANAGEMENT course has been developed to help participants understand and identify anger and stress that can lead to personal and relational problems, and that affect performance at work and in the overall quality of life. Stress is a common trigger for anger. There is a close relationship between anger and stress and both can negatively impact your health, personal and professional life if not managed properly.

    This course offers an insight into work-related stress; the causes and effects. It will effectively help you control your behavior and manage your emotions, anger, frustrations, conflicts and stress. It will help you understand how to handle and cope with the pressures and demands between work and personal life. It teaches you to reduce your stress levels and empowers you to regain control, and to stop negative patterns of damaging behaviors by using practical tools and methodology.

    The course is beneficial for:

  • A range of professional on management level.

  • Those who deal with people and customer care.

  • Secondary and tertiary students.

  • Anyone who wants to understand and control personal anger.


   The course content will be presented as follows:  

​             Course themes

  • Introduction and self-awareness

  • The psychology of anger

  • Stress management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Human relations

  • Time management



   The total duration of the COURSE  is 24 hours and can be conducted once a week for 7 weeks.

   Schedule lecture:

   Daily lectures are between 3 to 4 hours that are arranged in 45 minutes lecture with two 15 minutes break. The last segment is for group discussion and hidden gems (what participants have retained and learnt).


   the COURSE  is educational and contains illustrative, interactive and practical applications. The course is held in English.

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