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Leadership & Life-skills courses île Maurice
Cours 7 - Compétences de vie niveau 1

   Learning life skills at a young age through education will make students and professionals effective communicators and thus, this will help them build relations. The more we develop life skills individually, the more these affect and benefit the world in which we live.

   The course is beneficial for:

   This course is open to All but will bring greater benefits to students and professionals


  1. Effective Communication Skills - (Basic-LSRW & Non-Verbal Skills)

  2. Effective Communication Skills - (Job Application, Oral Presentation Skills)

  3. Thinking Critically

  4. Importance of Ethics in profession - Introduction & evolution

  5. Building Leadership Capabilities - An introduction

  6. Effective Leadership - Models, Traits and Qualities



   The total duration of the COURSE is 4 weeks.

   Schedule of lecture:

   Once a week. Online classes – Pre-registered videos. Student study at his/her own pace but needs to complete the questionnaire at the end of the course to be eligible for a certificate of completion.

   Outcomes of this course:   

   Participants will be able to:

  • Develop effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills and Communicate effectively in personal as well as professional settings. 

  • Analyze the professional or personal situations critically and perform accordingly.

  • Understand the importance of morals and ethics and apply the same.

  • Acquaint themselves with leadership skills and the approaches of leadership. 

  • Appreciate the significance of life skills in professional spaces through this course on Life Skills.



  Questionnaire / Google Doc questionnaire.

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