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Jaime lifeskills in collaboration with Australian International Education is a professional and vocational institution accredited by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority (MQA).



About Us

 Dr. James Arékion


   Dr. James Arekion (D.Min, D.Th, Hon.D.Div) is a leadership and       life-skills keynote speaker and a dynamic lecturer.

   He communicates in a personal and practical way, straight-forward, fundamental, simple, yet effectively inspiring and motivating people through life situations and empowering them to succeed in every

area in life.

   He delivers many local and international keynotes per year, each one tailored to what inspires and motivates every audience to take action.

He speaks on leadership philosophy, business development, communication skills, stress management, and peak performance.

  His personal mission is to partner with institutes and organizations to create a positive environment with “follower-worthy” managers and leaders capable of inspiring commitment from employee.


 He brings his energy, contagious positivity and a sense of humor to every interaction and relationship in order to build trust and teamwork.

James Arekion île Maurice

Name Change from JaimeLifeSkills Co Ltd changed to Soteria School of Excellence

Our values


"Doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is watching"


"Continually developing, improving & innovating"


"Helping people perform

as highly as possible "

"Giving people the inspiration and freedom to fulfill their responsibilities"



"Being dedicated to accomplish our

mission "


    The Leadership courses delivered by Dr. James Arekion was one of the most valuable leadership courses I have followed during my career with lots of pragmatic insights, knowledge and examples which can be applied immediately to both our personal and professional life.

    Dr. Arekion, an excellent lecturer effectively engaged with his audience during the sessions and ensure the key leadership traits of a leader were properly understood by the participants while ensuring a 2-fold interaction with the active audience.

    These leadership sessions will certainly help me develop further my leadership skills basis what was emphasised during the course: Be emotionally intelligent by establishing honest communication, empathy and instilling trust with each other. Building relationships with your team and others is vital if you want effective results within your organisation.

Christopher Suntah
Head-Product Marketing


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